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The year so far has been very exciting here at PL Publishing. Signing new clients and broadened the service offered to our valued existing clients, and we are very much looking forward to see what the rest of this year holds!

We endeavour to do whatever the client wants or needs, and if it is something we can’t assist with we will enlist the expertise of those who can. We are proud to work with a network of professionals in their respective fields; from photography and printing to design and branding.

The next couple of months will no doubt be interesting, with a bunch of new websites that will launch soon. We would like to welcome Fortunate Brokers, MS Make-up, Robedi Game Breeders and Red Ivory, and look forward to work with you!

We will post each site as it goes live so be sure to watch this space!

Fortunate Logo msmake-up logo Robedi_LOGO